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Xie Yuchen


Yuchen is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin.
Currently studying contemporary dance and choreography

at the University of the Arts Berlin / HZT.


His artistic exploration beyond solo works, frequently collaborating

with visual artists, musicians and ensembles such as Paper Tiger Theater Studio, Dora Yuemin Cheng, Hannah Schillinger, Yiang Zhang,

Zhenru Liang, Jaione Cerrato and others. 

Yuchen's artistic journey intertwines diverse mediums and disciplines. Alongside his dedication to dance, he holds a B.A. in visual communication design from the Hochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim and previously collaborated with the Atelier Brückner Stuttgart (2016 - 2019), where he engaged in interdisciplinary work at the intersection of architecture and exhibition design.

(including Shenzhen Urban Planning Museum, Haier World Home Appliance Museum)

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