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概念:田戈兵、Christoph Lepschy

戲劇構作:Christoph Lepschy
舞台:Eva Veronica Born
Piotr Kurek

演員:雷琰,王亞男、劉翔捷、連國棟、Szymon Czacki、徐一鳴、劉超、彭憶歐、Manel Salas Palau、 李斌、Lisa Tschanz/Juliane Elting
人声:Grzegorz Hardej、田原上

聯合制作:紙老虎戲劇工作室、世界戲劇節、漢堡塔利亞劇院、歌德學院 - 國際聯合製作基金、克拉科夫國立老劇院


500 meters could be completed in roughly five years, by which time normally the supervisors were exhausted to death and had lost all faith in themselves, in the building, and in the world. (Franz Kafka)

Kafka’s text „The Great Wall of China“ is the starting point for the new project by Paper Tiger Theater Studio. Combined with research materials from architects, engineers and construction workers involved in today’s large-scale building projects like the huge harbour conversion in the Ningbo-Zhoushan-Region, it provides the base for a performative exploration of the fundamental question, raised by Kafka: What is the meaning of these “great wall buildings”? How does their unbelievable boundlessness affect the human soul? The Great Wall is not the work of an individual, but a collective action of the Chinese people beyond its own time. Kafka depicts it as ‘means of unification of our people’ („Einigungsmittel unseres Volkes“). It is crucial to realise, even from a Chinese perspective, that Kafka’s interpretation of the Great Wall is surprisingly accurate, though for him, perhaps, the Great Wall only exists as a personal and legendary imagination. Thus in turn he asks us to activate our own imaginations. We take Kafka’s image of the Great Wall as a signifier of the contemporary human’s endless action of reconstructing the world, in which the individual remains deeply confused. Such director Tian Gebing explores the large construction site of China’s present taking advantage of Kafkas European point of view and observing a similar context and a shared dimension between cultures. An evening, where the several-thousand-year-old history of China and its globalised present time are mirroring each other as well as European and Chinese phantasies of one another. 

Concept: Tian Gebing, Christoph Lepschy

Director: Tian Gebing

Dramaturgy: Christoph Lepschy

Stage: Eva Veronica Born

Choreography / Costume: Wang Yanan

Music: Piotr Kurek

Directors assistance/Translating: Liu Chao/ Peng Yi'ou

Cast: Lei Yan, Wang Yanan, Liu Xiangjie, Szymon Czacki, Lian Guodong, Peng Yi'ou, Liu Chao, Manel Salas Palau,Li Bin, Lisa Tschanz/Juliane Elting, Xu Yiming

Voice: Grzegorz Hardej, Tian Yuanshang

Coproduction by Paper Tiger Studio coproduced by Thalia Theater Hamburg, Festival Theater of the World, Goethe-Institut – International Coproduction Fund, Stary Theatre Krakow

With support from Goethe-Institut China, Shenzhen Ming Culture Communication Co. LTD, Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai, Mingyuan Group, Instytut Adama Mickiewicza



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Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 15.56.52
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 15.57.58
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 15.57.31
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 15.57.09

全球首演 world premiere 

Theater der Welt, Hamburg, Germany


26.05.2017         Thalia Theater Gaußstr. 

27.05.2017         Thalia Theater Gaußstr. 

28.05.2017         Thalia Theater Gaußstr.



中國首演 Chinese premiere

上海明當代美術館  Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai


25.08.2017        MCAM

26.08.2017        MCAM


巡演信息 On Tour  

烏鎮戲劇節 Wuzhen Festival

26.10.2018     會展中心4號廳 Exhibition Hall No.4

27.10.2018     會展中心4號廳 Exhibition Hall No.4



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