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Wang Yanan

Production / Social Choreography

Wang Yanan is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in classical dance and worked in the ensemble of National Oriental Sing and Dance Company in Beijing. Since 1999, she worked for 10 years at Living Dance Studio – China’s first independent critical dance theater – and participated in productions such as “Report on Giving Birth”, “Report on Body” and “Report on 37,8°”, with which she participated in festivals all over the world and won the ZKB Award at the Festival Zürcher Theater Spektakel. She founded Le Se Dance Studio in 2004, and received support from the Doen Foundation and the China-A-Moves project for young choreographers from China and Europe.


In 2010 and 2011, she and Tian Gebing traveled to Antwerp and Brussels for study residencies on invitation of the Europalia Festival, developing productions such as “Missreading”. Since 2001 she has been part of Paper Tiger Theater Studio as a performer, choreographer and manager.

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