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premiere Narodowy STARY TEATR w Krakowie




National Stary Theatre, built in 1781, has set the theme of this season as "Do not be afraid", a quotation from Pope John Paul II, to make a response to the current social situation with which Poland and Europe are confronted. Stary Theatre has then commissioned for the first time a Chinese director to create the theatre project 'Decalogue'.
讓一個異文化背景的藝術家直面聖經十誡似乎是壹個瘋狂的任務。但是,鑒於對猶太基督文化根本概念的廣泛誤讀,這種瘋狂舉動也許是直切主題的唯壹途徑。中國先鋒藝術家田戈兵以無成見之見對十誡、出埃及記和對神的信仰壹壹檢視。“選民”“原罪”“神之憤怒”都是強烈攪動我們想像的概念。燃燒的荊棘、石中生泉、分紅海、金牛 -- 這些物件對歐洲人來說都是再清晰不過的符號,歐洲也經常做壹些理所應當的解讀。然而對於壹個外部觀察者來說,它們卻成為了壹個迥然壹新的故事的出發點,而這個故事可能離今天的現實更近。


Letting an artist coming from a completely different culture circle confront the biblical “Decalogue” may seem like a crazy task. Nevertheless, given the widespread misrepresentation of the fundamental notions of Judeo-Christian culture, such craziness might be the only way of getting to the heart of the matter. Chinese avant-garde artist Tian Gebing takes up the Ten Commandments, Book of Exodus and faith in God, looking into them with no preconceived notions. “Chosen people”, “sin”, “wrath of God” are all concepts that strongly stir our imagination. Burning bush, water springing from the rock, parting of the Red Sea, golden calf – all these objects are very clear symbols to the European mind and their interpretation is often take for granted. However, to an outside observer they become a starting point for a completely new story, one that is possibly closer to the reality of the present day. In his works director Tian Gebing, co-founder of the “Paper Tiger” artistic group, uses a great variety of texts, also those non-theatrical, such as court records, instruction manuals, and press releases. One of the most important elements of his performances is dance, choreographed in collaboration with actress and choreographer Yanan Wang.

導演 Director. 田戈兵 Tian Gebing 
戲劇構作Dramaturg.  Michał Buszewicz
舞美/燈光/服裝 Stage/lighting/costume Design. Justyna Łagowska
音樂Music. Piotr Kurek

​编舞 Choreography.王亚男  Wang Yanan


演員 Performers - Małgorzata Gałkowska- Grzegorz Grabowski- Katarzyna Krzanowska- Błażej Peszek- Paulina Puślednik- Krzysztof Stawowy- 王亚男- 雷琰- Marta Ścisłowicz- Szymon Czacki

演出時間 Schedule
2016/05/27 19:15
2016/05/28 19:15
2016/05/29 19:15
2016/05/31 19:15
2016/06/17 19:15
2016/06/18 19:15
2016/06/19 19:15

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翻譯 translation:劉超 Liu Chao
整理  edit:劉二棉 Liu Yin

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