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title. 殺手不嫌冷和哈姆雷特病毒變異.Killer never feels cold and Hamlet Virus Mutation

premiere. Guang Dong Modern Dance Group Theatre , Guang Dong, 1998.

Duration: 80 min

Concept/Director: Tian Gebing

表演:李曉明 馬曉勇 劉翔捷 窦蔔 張興傑 王亞男 秦偉 舒陽 孟岩 周勍 張疆
Performers:  Li Xiaoming, Ma Xiaoyong, Liu Xiangjie, Dou Bu, Zhang Xingjie, Wang Yanan, Qin Wei, Shu Yang, Meng Yan, Zhou Qing, Zhang Jiang


Music: Wen Bing​

舞台制作: 張疆

Stage Production: Zhang Jiang 

舞台技術: 張興傑 窦蔔

Stage Technology: Zhang Xingjie, Dou Bu

Lighting Design: Zhao Tong 

Make up Artist: Jin Xianglin


Costume Design: Li Zhou

Graphic Design: Chen Xiongwei


Translation: 石川郁 
特別鳴謝:日本國際交流基金會 “舌頭”樂隊  許倩、嚴龍

Special Thanks: Japan Foundation, “She Tou” Band, Xu Qian, Yan Long


Production: Beijing Paper Tiger Studio


Premiered: 1998 Guang Dong Modern Dance Group Theatre 

2003年12月,北京交道口七色光劇場 Dec. 2003 Beijing Jiaodaokou Qiseguang Theatre

2003年12月,東京H.M戲劇節 Dec. 2003 Tokyo H.M. Theatre Festival




In December of 1998, Paper tiger theatre studio produced and performed the work Killer doesn’t feel cold and the High Art. Utilising popular culture, the “High Art” motto, and the 1998’s social reality as raw material, Paper Tiger created the concept of “Kitsch Theatre” through this performance, which has depicted the intimate, chaotic life of the 1998-contemporary. After five years when this performance once again shown on stage, the focal point shifted to the participants themselves and raised a question: how does the individual participant face and deal with the problems of her/himself? The 2003 version of Killer is a discussion about ‘dinginess’,’virus’,’pollution’. It tries to reverse life itself - to question it, to reflect on it, and perhaps, to deny it. The text is also extended to ‘mutate’ the crucial social events in 2003, as well as the ‘social events’ encountered during the rehearsal process through the representation of theatre.  

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