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title. profile of paper tiger @ a madman's diary

premiere. paper tigter theater studio, 06/ 2012, beijing


Director: Tian Gebing

​表演:王亞男 鞏中輝 Max Hanisch  吳曉波 王晴

Performers: Wang Yanan, Gong Zhonghui, Max Hanisch, Wu Xiaobo,  Wang Qing


Music/Sound design:Liang Jianfeng


Associate Coordinator: Liu Yin


Production: Paper Tiger Theatre Studio


Duration: 70 Minutes




The creation of the work happened in the process of Paper Tiger @ project and is one of the Paper Tiger @ Serial. As a symbol and an action of the internet, the "@" refers to reaching, paraphrase, deformation and uncertain results of free information diffusion. And A Madman’s Diary is a well known fiction piece written by the famous late Chinese writer Lu Xun. 

Thus @ A Madman’s Diary is the theater behavior produced by linking and encountering with a public text. However, the virtual and realistic theater event occurs immediately after linking will take the place of the text itself and the symbolic significance of it, and even make them shelved indefinitely. Thereby a scene where both the text and the event become in vain will be created.


The work made its debut in June of 2012, during Playing the Fool, Paper Tiger Space Performance Show 2012.

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