title. a nonsensical play - raging wolves, crashing boars: a shabby play to this rotten city

premiere. paper tiger theatre studio, 05/ 2014, beijing







Raging Wolves, Crashing Boars begins with a rooftop conversation between two kidnappers who have abducted a person in order to resolve the rumoured crisis of the city. When they hear that they may have taken the wrong person, the chaos in their value system leaves them for one more time powerless to put things right…

A mosaic pieced together from a tumble of words taken from public texts in a 'raging wolves crashing boars' fashion, this theater of the absurd exposes the dark revelry, disjointed time, dissonance, and blurring of truth and falsehood that is born of the passions of 'crisis' in reality. The entire work is a misappropriation and sharp distortion of a massive amount of non-literature texts of today where beginnings shatter endings and endings continue where they left off. This satirical allegory of contemporary society is at once absurd, unexpected, and flooded with desire and illusion. We are left with a debris-filled space riddled with crevasses that forces each and every one of us to confront the delirium in our nature.  


In this work, director Tian Gebing continues his firm rejection of drama through his manipulation and masterful misuse of the literary form. 'Here we confront the language of the stage, everyday life, and the heap of nonsense that is our world.'


The play pieces together fragments of public texts from a range of sources spanning classical dramas, fictions and poetry as well as colloquialisms from television, the internet and everyday life. Words and phrases that arbitrarily entered my sight during my writing also grow into the play. In this game where one abducts nonsense with nonsense, all the rumoured crises of this world are soon turned into nothing but a crisis for pile after pile of senseless utterance.

Playwright/Director: Tian Gebing


Performers: Fu Pengxu, Jing Xi, Lei Yan, Lian Guodong, Liu Chao, Liu Zheng, Wang Yanan, Yang Zhijun, Zhu Sujie
 表演: 王婭婻  連國棟 劉正 朱蘇潔  雷琰  劉超 富鵬栩  井溪 楊志軍

Stage Designer: Liu Lanfeng
Lighting Designer: Jia Nannan
Sound Designer: Wei Qiong
Production Manager: Chen Shuyu
Produced by: Shen Zhen Ming Era
Created by: Paper Tiger Theatre Studio
Duration: 120 minutes
Premiere: May 2014, Beijing
Tour: May 2015, Shen Zhen


我們依舊停留在這個城市的理由,可能和這個城市需要這樣一齣戲的理由是一樣的。你對空氣污染充滿了恐懼的時候,突然有一道自上而下的命令可以讓污染在規定時間和地點突然消失,這是不是更讓你恐懼呢?“綁匪乙說綁匪甲綁架了綁匪乙,而綁匪甲不認為綁架了綁匪乙……”。你沒瘋,這只能說明你還沒有去看《狼奔豕突》" ---- 陳淑瑜

"Whatever it is, this rotten play moved me. It allowed me to walk out of the theater onto the polluted streets refreshed and thinking clearly. 

We may stay in this city for the same reason why the city needs a play like this. When you’re terrified by the air pollution, all of a sudden there comes an order from above that makes the pollution just disappear at a certain time and place - doesn’t it terrify you even more? 'Kidnapper B says kidnapper A kidnapped kidnapper B, but kidnapper A doesn’t feel he kidnapped kidnapper B…' No, it's not you who have gone crazy. It's just that you haven’t seen Raging Wolves, Crashing Boars" - Chen Shuyu

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