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概念:田戈兵 张兴杰 周勍

Concept Tian Gebing Zhang Xingjie  Zhou Qing


导演: 田戈兵

Director Tian Gebing



Production Paper Tiger Theater Studio



Duration 70min



Premierred in May 2007, Beijing



June 2007, Detour of China Arts Festival, Berlin



August 2007, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zurich


October 2007, Crossing Arts Festival, Beijing



September 2008, Fringe Festival, Shanghai



March 2009, Hong Kong Arts Festival



June 2010, Singape Arts Festival





汉语词典里“酷”指冷酷、残酷,程度很深的,极限的。英语 “cool”的原意包括:凉的、冷静的、满不在乎的、厚颜无耻的。作为俚语则是令人愉快的很棒的等。极端残酷又令人愉快,这种完全相反的感觉是认识世界的一种方法,也是《酷》的创作方法。





About the work

The culture of kùxíng and kù, of brutality and being cool, are the themes of

COOL. The original idea for this performance came from our youth and childhood

memories which are filled with violent experiences. This violence was usually

sanctioned in a legal way and even became a trendy fashion.

When we look up the Chinese equivalent of COOL in the Chinese dictionary we find words like cold, cruel, deep degree, “extremely. And in the Englih dictionary we find: fairly cold, calm, impudent. But COOL as a slang word has a totally different meaning: pleasant, fine.

Cruel torture and cool culture, seemingly contradictory but united in our memories and part of a no-past-no-future sense about reality, form the motivation for COOL. 


Through installations, body work and strong visual elements the company shows these opposite but co-existing aspects of violence: the rites of cruel torture, the game of power, the desire to rule and program, elegance and absurdity.


表演:丰海裕介 王亚男 巩中辉 张兴杰 孟岩 贡斌 

Performers:Toyomi Yusuke  Wang Yanan  Gong Zhonghui  Zhang Xingjie   Meng Yan  Gong Bin


视觉设计:Seba  风子

Visual Design Seba  Fengzi

音乐:王凡  文大可

Music Wang Fan  Wen Dake

灯光设计: 中山奈美

Lighting Design Nami Nakayama

舞台技术: 谷旻雯  田戈林

Stage Tech Gu Mingwen   Tian Gelin


Photo Ricky Wong

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