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Space - Time - Presence
Journey through the Post-pandemic Water Reservoir





3. Sept 2021 Friday 20:00 (filming)

4. Sept 2021 Saturday 14:00 17:00 20:00 

(Duration: 45min)



Großer Wasserspeicher, entrance Belforter Straße. 10405 Berlin 


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Three renowned international theatre groups - Paper Tiger, KULA Compagnie and Kulturbetrieb Birach - unite for an installative performance, site-specific for the Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg. They join also to hold a rite of passage for the neighbourhood community. The point of departure is a wish of healing, in response to the pressure imposed by a globalised pandemic, where borders segregate and physical gathering is deemed a risk. It is time. Artists must take responsibilities for an emotional as well as physical reflection on the systematical errs that the crisis has exposed. Aufhebung is a creative response to Quarantäne. Aufhebung addresses the physical, but also spiritual and political, syndromes.

Taking the Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg is a decision based on its historical assets and symbolic qualities – the fluidity of water and the drought in the Speicher. The decision is also inspired by the international community life that is organic to its surroundings. The three artist groups are made of artists that are multi-lingual and of diverse cultural backgrounds, from German speaking countries, from Sinophone regions, from the Hebrew speaking land and so on. They are inhabitants of the community. Their studios are also located in the community. The vigour of such mobility points to a desire towards Aufhebung in everyday time and everyday experience. 

The project proposes an immersive experience based on the four rings and one tower in the architectural structure of the Große Wasserspeicher, and an imaginative equivalent to the five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Performance will be devised at the entrance to the building and the openings that lead to each ring space, as facilitators to support the visitors’ own experience of the propensity of being. In this installative performance, the bodily presence of the participants get highlighted, guided, supported and intensified. A visitor does not stand on the side and watch. Through choreographed spaces, tempos and sounds, one returns to the body here and now in the Wasserspeicher and in the streets. One will be immersed in their introspection and extrospection. One experiences the body as home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, public health has been under threat. There has been growing state intervention in the private sphere and escalating displacement of the body as home. Digital contact has reshaped the perception of physical contact and the experience of senses. The plurality, intensity and richness of the body must be reminded. Awakening is Aufhebung. The body returns home only when the disease is lifted.

The project is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste and in collaboration with the Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg. The performances were scheduled for the end of this June. As other projects affected by the pandemic, the realisation of the project is rescheduled to the beginning of September. We are going to improve the realisation into two versions, live and filmed, so that apart from being presented in the community we can also share the documented situation to more places and situations.






Sebastian SCHNEIDER, Alexander WAGNER,  WANG Yanan




Regie:  TIAN Gebing

Artistic Direction: Martin GRUBER

Choreography: WANG Yanan

Stage and Space: Sascha GROSS

Light: Karel DE WITT, Sascha GROSS

Dramaturgy: LIU Chao, Alexander WAGNER

Music: Max BAUER

Interactive Sculpture: Michael VOGEL

Costume: LI Sichi

Audio engineering: Mareike TRILLHAAS, WU Jiayi

Camera: HUA Dong, WANG Changpeng

Montage: Terrence Lee 







9月3日 星期五 20时  (电影拍摄)

9月4日 星期六 14时 17时 20时 



地址:Grosser wasserspeicher, Eingang belforter str. 10405 BERLIN





      这是由三个知名的国际性自由剧场团体——北京纸老虎、KULA 团和比亚河文化站联手为Prenzlauer Berg水窖空间量身创作的特定场域装置性表演,也是一种社区性的仪式。出发点来自创伤治愈的愿望:在全球共时性的疫情压迫下,边界林立,肉身的相聚成为风险。值此时刻,艺术家有责任对危机所暴露出的系统性问题进行情感和身体上的反思,以艺术创作对“隔离”作出“解除”的回应。“解除”不仅针对身体,也针对内在精神和外部政治的种种病症。


      选择Prenzlauer Berg水窖空间,一方面是建筑本身的历史及其象征性(水的流动意象和空间现实的干涸),另方面是水窖周围自然聚集的活跃的国际性社区生活。而以上三个团体,就是由来自德国,中国,欧洲,亚洲的多族裔多文化多语言背景的艺术家构成,并居住和工作在这个社区。这种种“流动聚集”的活力,指向了日常时间和经验里关于“解除”的渴望。








Elena BECHTER , Marianne CORNIL,Hadar DIMAND, 高天 , Mia LEHRNICKE,刘超 , Jonas SCHLAGOWSKY,

Sebastian SCHNEIDER , Alexander WAGNER , 王亚男 





导演 : 田戈兵 

艺术监督 : Martin GRUBER

编舞: 王亚男 

舞美 : Sascha GROSS

剧构 : 刘超, Alexander WAGNER

灯光: Karel DE WITT, Sascha GROSS

音乐 : Max BAUER

互动雕塑 : Michael VOGEL

服装 : 李思驰 

音响 : Mareike TRILLHAAS, 吴佳颐


剪辑:Terrence Lee









​©️ Elena Bechter


The Austrian-born soprano works primarily as an opera and concert soloist. Price winner of the international music competition of Accademia Belcanto in Graz, head of the company „ART // 2020 - darstellende Kunstsicherung“, soloist of the Copenhagen Festival Ensemble, Theater Brandenburg, … Among her opera roles are Sophie Scholl (Weiße Rose), Sophie (Der Rosenkavalier), Manon (Manon), Bastienne (Bastien und Bastienne), Zerlina (Don Giovanni), Pamina (Zauberflöte) and Vespetta (Pimpinone). Her interests range from traditional music theatre through to contemporary opera, chamber music, and dance; everything that pushes the boundaries of artistic theatre. More information: 

Marianne Cornil.jpg

​©️Marianne Cornil

Since 2007 Marianne Cornil is the artistic director of TheatreFragile, She is a performer and director. She also creates sound collage for all the shows of TheatreFragile, based on interviews. Before coming to Berlin 2000, she studies German language and culture at the Sorbonne in Paris. In addition to her physical theatre degree at the Etage Berlin, she plays "Ristorante Immortale" of Familie Flöz, tours worldwide until 2007 and works as a freelance theater actor in Berlin. She performs with her accordion & chanson program. In 2013 Marianne Cornil deepens her occupation with artistic research and scientific research, respectively with the question of the artist's engagement in society through the Master "experimentation politic & art" (SPEAP) under the direction of Bruno Latour at the Hochschule Sciences Po in Paris. Since 2007 she has regularly practiced bodywork according to the Talmi Methode © in her studio in Berlin Kreuzberg and at the Hochschule Ernst Busch. In street theatre she finds what is most dear to her heart in her art: an intensive and sensitive human exchange.


​©️Hadar Dimand


An Israeli actress, Hadar Dimand graduated from "Yoram Levinstein Actor's Studio" in Tel Aviv. Since 2016 she is a member of the international theater group "Kula Compagnie", their latest production The Hour We Knew Nothing About Each Other by Peter Handke, directed by Robert Schuster, travelled in Austria, Italy and Belgrade. She acts in the Israeli TV & cinema, and has taken part in various productions in the Israeli theater. Hadar dances, slams, plays the piano, does yoga, and loves to travel around the world. 

Tian gao.jpeg

©️Gao Tian

GAO Tian

Gao is a Berlin-based dancer originally from Wuhan, China. She hosts a master-degree at Folkwang University of Arts. Since 2018 she works as dancer with Sasha Waltz & Guests. She has been collaborating with musicians and visual artists for her own projects, performed in Europe and China.

Mia Lehrnickel .jpeg

​©️ Martina Thalhofer

Mia Lehrnickel 

Mia Lehrnickel is a Berlin based puppeteer and actress.

In 2016 she was an actress in “future witchcraft” at Volksbühne Berlin. She worked as a costume design assistant for “Notre Carmen” at Théâtre de l'Athénée Paris and Sophiensaele Berlin in 2017. In 2018 she was part of the cast of “Parsifal” at the Festspielhaus Baden Baden. 

Since 2019 she has been studying Contemporary Puppetry at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch”.

Chao Liu.jpg

©️Liu Chao

LIU Chao

Performance artist, translator, curator.

Coming from a journalistic background, Liu was part of the performative research “New Common Theatre” (2013) on mass manufacturing, industrial spaces and labour in ten cities. Member of theatre collective Paper Tiger since 2015, Liu performs and researches in different forms of projects, such as 500 Meters: Kafka, Great Wall or Images from Unreal World and Daily Heroism (theatre, exhibition), Rewriting Theatre History (manifesto, exhibition, festival), BB+ (network), Infection, State of Emergency, Beethoven (digital hybrid theatre), etc. In context of performance art Liu realised On Schillerpromenade, Imperial Lunch, 100 WORKING DAYS, Skin, etc

Liu experimented with Benjamin Teare on Huo Dong Fang / Moving House, an attempted artist co-op.

Jonas Schlagowsky.jpg

©️Jonas Schlagowsky


Studied drama acting at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. Received the Günther-Rühle award for ensemble performance in DNA, a play by Dennis Kelly. 2013 to 2019 employed at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar, where he played Hamlet, directed by Robert Schuster, Malvolio in the Twelfth Night and Ferdinand in Schiller’s Intrigue and Love. Also he was nominated for his performance of Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream for new blood actor by “Theater Heute” in 2016.

Jonas Schlagowsky played over 170 performances of the classroom play Your Heroes - My Dreams by Karen Köhler in schools in Weimar and Thuringia in Eastern Germany. The aim was to sensitize young people to the topics of right-wing extremism and racism during the presentations in the classroom and in subsequent discussions.

KULA Compagnie member since 2015. Performances in Germany, Serbia, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.

Sebastian Schneider .jpg

©️ Elena Zaucke


Sebastian Schneider was born an raised in northern germany. In 2011 he moved to berlin to study at „ernst busch academy of dramatics arts“ during his education he worked at volksbühne berlin. In 2015 he moved to switzerland and joined company of Konzerttheater Bern. He is cofounder of Neues Kuenstlertheater. Since 2017 he worked at different theatres like Schauspiel Frankfurt, Salzburger Festspiele, Volkstheater München. He was invited to Berliner Theatertreffen in 2017 with ‚die Vernichtung‘. Furthermore he played in several film productions the last 5 years and lives primarily in Berlin.

Alexander Wagner.jpg

©️Alexander Wagner

Alexander WAGNER first completed a degree in literature and theatre studies in Frankfurt. He then completed two years of acting training in Munich. He performed at various German theatres, worked as a radio announcer and appeared in numerous film and television productions. Since 2002 Alexander Wagner has been working as author, translator, speaker and director. He writes plays and does performances, which have been funded and awarded several times by the city of Munich.


©️Wang Yanan

WANG Yanan

Dancer, choreographer.

Graduated from Beijing Dance Academy.

Since 1999 Wang worked for ten years with Living Dance Studio, and was part of productions such as Birth Report and Body Report. She toured international cities and festivals and won the ZKB Award at Zürcher Theater Spektakel.

In 2004, she founded Le Se Dance Studio, having created works such as Le Se 1, Le Se 2, House, etc. She collaborated with artists with various backgrounds and toured in European countries.

She has been part of Paper Tiger works since 2001, as performer, concept and choreography. 

In 2014, she was commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival for Iron Horse. In 2014 she collaborated with Münchner Kammerspiele and Goethe Institut (China) for Totally Happy. In 2016 she was commissioned by Stary Teatr Kraków for Dekalog. In 2017 she worked with Thalia Theater Hamburg to create 500 Meters: Kafka, Great Wall or Images from the Unreal World and Daily Heroism. In 2021 she collaborated again with Münchner Kammerspiele for Heart Chamber Fragments: Ein Bau, so Ähnlich meiner Selbst.

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