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《她的脸》系列倒数第二个场景继续多层次多主题的线索。舞者、编舞、表演者Valentina Bordenave和音乐人Thomas Mayer以实时构作二人组的创作架构探讨诸如流亡、历史叙事破碎以及对缺失的整体性的渴求等普世的离散经验。





Valentina Bordenave

来自阿根廷的自由舞者、编舞、教师,认证资质亚历山大技巧教员,驻柏林。毕业于福克旺大学舞蹈专业,开创“展开方法”。 她是Familie Flöz剧团以及柏林Arthaus的核心教学团队成员。Arthaus项目芝加哥哥伦比亚学院和伦敦罗斯布鲁福德学院合作设立的针对开放戏剧创作和表演的研究生项目暨研究中心。


表演 Valentina BordenaveThomas Mayer


Thomas Mayer


Scattered Space

How many realities do we inhabit when we are performing? What holds the performance space-time together? Where does it split?

The penultimate episode of "Her Face" continues the multi-layered polythematic thread of the series. In their instant composition duet, dancer, choreographer and performer Valentina Bordenave and musician Thomas Mayer explore the universal diasporic experience of exile, historical fragmentation and projections of longing for lost wholeness.

Born in Argentina in 1968, for Valentina flight, persecution, emigration are deeply inscribed in the genealogy of her family. The work of Valentina and Tom is a reflection of possible liberties: Being politicly and artistically catapulted out of the familiar world of rules or commonplaces, new individual approaches and vocabularies come together to weave new dialogues. With their bodies, voices and instruments, both artists start at the edge of their imagination, ready to penetrate it, to explore it. Reconstruction of a hypothetical universe.

Once again, the poems „Niemandsrose/Psalm" by Paul Celan and texts by Susanne Gösse become the articulated pieces of the performance. All of them poetic "Gesänge" about the presence of all those who have left us, whose faces, though lost, shimmer again in poetic fragments. In Valentina's Berlin flat, she and Tom welcome the audience. The impulses have an effect on the spectator, who travels on a virtual timeline through his or her own individual spaces. The fractal movement patterns open up multiverse spaces that now form the echo chambers for sounds, electric guitar music, multilingual text surfaces.

About the Protagonist

Valentina Bordenave

Freelance dancer, choreographer, mentor and certified Alexander Technique teacher from Argentina based in Berlin. She graduated in dance from the Folkwang University and is the founder of UNFOLD method. She is a member of the core pedagogical teams of the Familie Flöz theatre company and of Arthaus Berlin - Postgraduate Training and Research Centre for Devised Theatre and Performance in collaboration with Columbia College Chicago and Rose Bruford College London.

With Valentina BordenaveThomas Mayer

About collaborating performers

Thomas Mayer

Berlin based performer, theatre-maker and musician from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. His work takes a multi-media format, combining elements of physical theatre, live music and video projection. Strongly informed by process art, he has a particular interest in creating interactive installations which explore themes around human identity, inviting audiences to engage directly with his working mediums.


Her Face

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