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sculpture by Wang Yanan, photographed by Tian Gebing


我们是否相同,我们是否不同?我们的共同点在哪里?欢迎来到 “红马车库 "的安全空间。


这是《她的脸》系列的第五场景,艺术家和表演者Micha Stella把她在柏林的公寓变成了一个社会内的子宫。在一个视听装置中,观众体验到共同点是一个共同的起源。一个个人和社会的起源。


Micha Stella挑选了数字1盲盒,对应文本是Susann-歌瑟的“风玫瑰”。她读到的是关于差异的文化叙述,你的生活已经被决定性地定义。进化成为政治性的:性别、种族、国家、大/小、心理倾向、阶级……种种的差异却导致了Micha Stella反向的关于“同一性”的思考,这是她生活和工作的恒久信条。


因此,这个周末的晚上,除了非语言接地的直接身体体验外,表演中还提出了哲学层面的问题。 平等或差异是否只是心理概念?任何区别都必须被引入到世界中。没有独立于观察者的固定世界。所有 "存在 "的东西都只是观察者所观察到的。差异也只能被理解为差异,理解为差异和身份之间的区别吗? 在《创世纪》中,世界只有通过白天和黑夜之间的第一次区分才会出现;学会区分的人--被赶出了子宫里的天堂。


在一个模拟的出生过程中,斯特拉把观众放进她家的后院。从那里,他们与斯特拉一起开始了另一次穿越时空的旅程。他们在公寓里遇到艺术家、音乐家、舞蹈家。观众体验到 “红马车库 "的潜力,建筑物作为一个“社会子宫”,孕育着现有(自由)空间的可能性和自由。 重点是关于 "社区 "及其边界的问题,为具有非常不同背景的人之间的接触和合作创造空间。差异化的空间再次成为共同点。一个社会温暖的地方,一个共享的知识空间。


Micha Stella


Marco Colocci

Matilde Flor Usinger
驻柏林表演者、编舞。 她的作品通过置放身体间的关系探索社会关系的激活和失活。她从自身的快乐、压力和错误中受到启发而创造空间,邀请观众作为合作者参与。

Laurent Jeanneau 劳弘·让诺


Jonathan Applebaum

从机械工程背景出发,他的艺术实践以合作创作为中心,通过声音、运动或数据源整合,邀请其大型互动油画"认知绘画 "的观看者参与作品生产和种种公众互动元素。 

表演 Micha Stella / Marco Colocci / Matilda Flor Usinger / Laurent Jeanneau / Jonathan Applebaum

装置 Jonathan Appelbaum

声音 Marco Colocci

声音作品《相同的相同/不同的不同》,概念和文字:Micha Stella,声音:Marco Colocci

音乐专辑《吉桑》,采样及编曲Laurent Jeanneau


A Shared Womb

Are we the same, are we different? Where is our Common Ground? Welcome to the Safe Space of the Rote Remise.


This is the fifth episode of the series Her Face. Artist and performer Micha Stella transforms her Berlin flat into an intra-social womb. In an audiovisual installation, the audience experiences Common ground as a common origin. A personal and social genesis.


Micha Stella picked No. 1 from the Text Box of Her Face, which reveals to be “Windrose” by Susanne Göße. She read the cultural narrative attributed to difference. Anyone’s life has been decisively defined. Evolution becomes political: gender, race, nation, big/small, psychological disposition, class… various differences promote Micha Stella’s reflection on the shared and common, just the opposite direction and a lasting belief for her work and her life.


Thus on this Saturday evening, in addition to the immediate physical experience of non-verbal grounding, philosophical questions are raised in the performance.  Are equality or difference simply mental concepts? Any distinction has to be introduced into the world. There is no fixed world that is independent of an observer. Everything that 'exists' is only what observers observe. Is difference, too, to be understood only as difference, as a distinction between difference and identity?  In the Genesis world only emerges through the first distinction between day and night; the human being who learns to distinguish- is driven out of the wombly paradise.


In a Simulative Birth Process Stella releases the audience into the backyard of her house. From there, they embark on another journey through time and space with Stella. They meet artists, musicians, dancers in their flats. The audience experiences the potential of the Rote Remise. The building as a ‘social womb’ gives birth to the possibilities of the existing (free) space.  The focus is on questions of "community" and its boundaries, creating space for encounters and collaborations between people with very different backgrounds. The space of differentiation becomes common ground again. A place of social warmth, a shared knowledge space.


About the protagonists

Micha Stella

Micha is a Berlin-based, French-Italian, queer artist, performer and filmmaker. In their work, they explore gender, sexuality, activism, with an ironic, erotic and feminist point of view. They researche different body practices, acting techniques, yoga, dance, nutrition and hypnosis and facilitate workshops on consent, gender fluidity, personal growth and conscious kink.


Marco Colocci

alias Queimada, is an Italian music composer and sound designer based in Berlin. His work sonically focuses on granular sounds, field recordings, and synthetic melted-down samples. He collaborates with numerous artists for art performances, documentaries and dance.

Matilde Flor Usinger

Performer and choreographer based in Berlin. Her personal work explores the activation and deactivation of social ties by placing the body in relation to other bodies. She creates spaces inspired from her amusement, stress and error that invite the viewer to participate as a collaborator.

Laurent Jeanneau

Experimental electronic musician, born in Paris, sampling and field recording traditional and folk music from different communities and tribes since 1990s, in the beginning in Tanzania, Kenya, etc., since 2000s in different Southeast Asian regions.

Jonathan Appelbaum

Emerging from a background in mechanical engineering, his artistic practice centres on creating through collaboration. He invites those who view his large-scale interactive oil paintings banned „cognitive paintings“ to engage with the diverse elements that are embedded within their production and interaction with the public through sound, movement or data sourcing. 

With Micha Stella / Marco Colocci / Matilda Flor Usinger / Laurent Jeanneau / Jonathan Applebaum
Installation Jonathan Appelbaum

Sound Marco Colocci

Sound Piece “Same Same/different different" (concept and text by Micha Stella, sound by Marco Colocci

Music albu “Lucky Mulberry Three“ by Laurent Jeanneau



Her Face

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